"Twenty-five years ago, I studied Executive Information Systems (EIS). These systems  were built to give to executives the most advanced and effective knowledge on their company activities.
From complex programming, and using large processing machines, they were replaced while the On-Line Analytical Processing norm raised the Datawarehouse tools and their hypercubes being now part of the Business Intelligence. Yes, but… fueling Hi-performance engines with poor quality gasoline makes low performance or breakdown."

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  • Completeness
  • Process

    Identify your processes and their characteristics

  • Tasks

    Identify the tasks within your processes and their characteristics

  • Business rules

    Write business rules in business words

  • Risks

    Assess the inherent risk of your process and identify non financial risks

  • Controls

    Identify the controls that mitigate operational risks

  • Incidents

    record incidents and their financial impacts

  • Remediation plans

    Avoid recurring incidents

  • Project & action plans

    Set up projects and manage them

  Usage outcomes

  • Usage outcomes
  • Automate SoD control

    Manage IT profiles and run Segregation of duties control

  • Compute Risk heatmaps (likelyhood vs impact)

  • Automate SOP

    Standard operating procedures reflect the data input on processes, tasks, business rules and controls.

  • Automate BRD

    Business Requirements document is produced based on all the data and business rules to shorten definition phase of projects and cancel business needs to requirements transformation

  • Compute residual risk

    Computation of residual risk is done according to the performance of controls

  • Bechmark processes

    Compare processes by risk types, risk rating…

  • Automate Regulatory reports

    Produce regulatory reports from BI

  • Analyse job descriptions

    Get all the activities attributed to a business role to review skills ad competences and plan training actions

  • Information systems mapping

    Get the whole view on your information technology and process dependencies

  • Identify macro processes

    Name macro-processes and analyze your performance

  • Products POV analysis

    Adopt a product POV and analyze your performance

  • Monitore projects (cost/deadlines)

    Get on demand dashboards on the projects and react

  • To Be process design

    Prepare To Be processes and get risk analysis and SOP for Go-Live

  • Financial impacts of non-quality

    Get the actual cost of non quality of your processes

  • Identify operational weaknesses

    Spot operational weaknesses and mitigate risks

  • Planning & Monitoring of 1st LoD controls

    Get all the information on the actual 1st LoD test plan and plan back and parallel testing

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery planning

    Get the full requirements for your continuity


  • Easiness
  • 1 week integration period

    As simple as a one-week client integration period. Be ready to start using e-Beyonder as you decide to go on.

  • Full parametric referential engine

    Integrated rules are based on parametric data that can be easily changed to fit the client requirements

  • Non sector specific solution

    The methodology as well as e-Beyonder are not designed and implemented to fit a speciific professional sector nor type of enterprise. Issued from Lean 6Sigma, it is a robust and comprehensive solution

  • e-Beyonder manages methodological complexity

    The complexity of the methodology is carried by e-Beyonder and simplifies the user works

  • No user technical requirements

    No need to have any knowledge of BPMN norma

  • Intuitive screens

    Fields are labelled and grouped by affinity

  • Multilingual

    Choose a language for your entity

  • 1 license for all

    e-Beyonder is licensed for one legal entity (or a group of) and no other restriction is applied. We, at Beyonder Systems, consider that information has to be shared and used to increase performance

  • SaaS solution

  • Load/Extract data

  • Embedded BI tool

  • Navigate through all the dimensions of your company

  • Dice your company as you want


  • Benefits
  • Increase your competitiveness

  • Increase your company's resilience

  • Accelerate regulatory change integration

  • All-In solution

  • Up-to-date SOP

  • Simplify and shorten dramaticaly the Define phase of projects

  • Global and deep entreprise knowledge management

  • Identify the issues

  • Lower regulatory concerns

  • Empower process owners

  • Leverage on human resources

  • Leverage on strengths and remedy to weaknesses

  • Enlight critical processes

  • Assess your value chain

  • Boost the culture on process improvement (Lean 6 Sigma)

  • Lower costs and increase profitability